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About Academics

The administration, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees of the 皇冠足彩 are committed to providing academic excellence to enhance previous knowledge as well as prepare students for future studies. The opportunity to attend the 皇冠足彩 is a privilege, and each student can make the most of this experience by being dedicated to the academic and residential programs. Graduates of 皇冠足彩 have experienced a well-defined curriculum based upon academic standards fostering both academic discipline and honesty.

All students live in residence to fully participate in this scholastic program of excellence with students who share similar interests. The nurturing of this educational community - the integration of the academic and residential components - is crucial to success at 皇冠足彩. Students are responsible for taking advantage of the academic and extracurricular pursuits available at 皇冠足彩 and for supporting community members in their academic and personal development.